Bold thinking

Nothing stands still: over time your business changes and your marketplace changes so you need to keep up-to-date, to keep being relevant. Over the 18 years we’ve been in business, our logo has remained largely the same – except for tweaks to the colours, such as adding a light grey for a more sophisticated look. Now, to reflect a changing business landscape, and with a growing presence on social media, we decided it was time to refresh the Think brand. So we have a new look: a new typeface for the brand, together with a brighter, more contemporary main brand colour. And we’ve added some equally fresh supporting colours which you will begin to see in our social media posts and our email newsletters.

New business cards
We spent a lot of time researching different stocks, finishes, and inks to get a vibrant green to match our online brand colours. Our new cards are printed on a quality duplexed board from GF Smith and use a neon ink. We hope you like them. If you bump into Dora at a local networking event, ask her for a card.