A powerful brand
that your customers
connect with.

Brands are like iconic landmarks: the more unique and recognisable they are, the more they capture people’s imagination.

But being a brand goes beyond a logo, video or website – true branding ensures a business commands loyalty, reliance and respect for all it has to offer.

Brand challenges
that businesses face.

Our business image is dated and it no longer represents who we are or what we stand for.

Our company needs a more cutting edge look to help us stand apart from our competitors.

We want to find an agency that understands our needs and can help us achieve our ambitions.


Our brand promise.

Today’s marketplace is competitive. Consumers know what they want and, if they’re not sure what they want, they’ll seek out the answer.

It’s important that your brand interacts with your audience to forge an honest and worthwhile relationship – not always easy when online reviews, customer advocacy and social media engagement are commonplace.

We work closely with you to build a brand that’s clear, consistent and designed to stand the test of time. By getting these crucial first steps right, we’ll help ensure you reap the rewards for the lifetime of your business.

The brand development process.

If you’re thinking about branding and where it can take your business, we’re ready to think with you.

Designing a brand from scratch, or rethinking a brand you already own, takes dedication and communication. We’ve streamlined the brand development journey into a clear four-step process that makes better business sense.

1.  Explore

We’ll do an audit of your business that begins with a brand review workshop – a straight-talking deep dive that gets us to the heart of your business. It’ll give us a thorough understanding of your company’s strengths and challenges.

2.  Challenge

We’ll present the findings of our brand audit, offering praise where we see you’re getting it right – but be prepared for honesty, as we invite you to look at your brand critically: we might question the effectiveness of your website in generating new leads, or identify weak points in your communications strategy.

3.  Collaborate

Working alongside you, we’ll use the findings of our brand review to create the assets that’ll turn your business into a brand – everything from logo redesigns and brand positioning guides to marketing materials, websites and brochures. 

4.  Launch

We’ll support you as the new-look brand goes live, making rapid changes and revisions as audiences react to your business’s refreshed persona. We’ll stick with you on an ad-hoc or retained basis, guiding communication strategies and business support throughout your brand journey.

“The new rebrand catapulted our business, helping us to grow from £1m to £9m turnover in just 6 years … and we’re just getting started!”

Managing Director, Probiotics International Ltd

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