Brand Process.

Put simply, branding is about how you create an emotional connection with your customers so that they choose you over the competition.

But first we need to find out all about you and clarify your unique story so the world will understand and recognise who you are.


1. Clarify

When it comes to creating a business brand, we begin by looking at who you are, what you are saying about yourself and how the world sees you. If these do not align, this is where the work begins.

We start with defining:

– Your audience
– Your position in the market
– Your competitors
– Differentiation
– Brand personality
– Current/predicted sector trends

Clarifying your brand will create a strong, authentic narrative from which we can begin to create the brand identity.

2. Create

The creation of the brand identity will always answer to the values we’ve established in clarifying your brand story – it’s never about creating something that just looks nice!

We might explore 3 different concepts which are presented to you. Each will line up with your brand values, but will provide a different solution.

These are presented as logo identities with a rationalised summary so you can understand our creative thinking.

For most clients, this is the most exciting part because it’s the first time they will see what their business will look like.

Once the chosen route is agreed upon, the brand is finalised and then rolled out consistently through your marketing assets, providing your business with a unique and memorable identity that sets you apart and attracts your audience.

These typically include, but are not limited to:

– Your website
– Banners for Social Media
– Email marketing templates
– Brochures and/or Sales documents
– Corporate Stationery

But a strong brand is nothing without the necessary touchpoints within which your customers can engage and communicate with you.

3. Communicate

Enhancing your visibility and your opportunities to be found through digital marketing campaigns, social interaction and online/offline advertising will breathe life into your brand, continually putting you front of mind and keeping you memorable.

And perhaps the best news of all is the digital revolution has made communicatiing so much more accessible and affordable – no budget is too small where we can’t begin to build meaningful connections with your target audience.

Our digital marketing experts use ‘Intelligent Collaboration’ – a means of understanding your business and your customers to develop and implement a strategic plan to achieve the results you want.

The whole process is overseen by us in a brand management role to ensure that your brand is a consistent and fundamental part of every digital campaign.

We can help you reach your audience through:

– Search Engine Optimsation
– Social Media Marketing
– Email Marketing Campaigns
– Online Advertising
– Content Creation

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